Boost the Power of your Digital Marketing Campaigns with Google Analytics Integration

Integrate Google Analytics web behavioral data with Related Marketing Cloud data warehouse to know exactly who your visitors are in-depth. Related Marketing Cloud helps you extend the functionality of Google Analytics by synchronizing data, creating coordinated campaigns and delivering personalized customer experiences across channels and devices.

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  • Google Analytics
  • Related Marketing Cloud
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Behavioral Targeting via Email

  • Abandoned Basket Reminder Email

    Send daily reminder emails to previous day's basket abandoners. Include discount code or other promotional offers to increase conversion.

  • Reactivation Email

    Improve your churn by re-engaging your customers who did not visit the website for the last X days or weeks with personalized offers.

  • Cross-Sell / Upsell Email

    A weekly top sellers email can be designed and sent to previous weeks category purchasers to increase revenue and keep customers engaged. The content can be crafted manually for top categories. Up-sell / cross-sell scenarios can be tested.

  • Comment Email After Purchase

    Customers can be invited to comment X days after each purchase.

  • Satisfaction Survey Email After Purchase

    Send satisfaction survey by email X amount of time after a purchase.

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