Double The Results Of Your Campaigns With Facebook Custom Audience Targeting

Power your social advetising strategy with Related Marketing Cloud data-driven solutions and run hyper-targeted Facebook advertising campaigns to grow your audience and ROI.

Target Inactive Customers

Increase the reach of your email campaigns by retargeting customers that did not open your messages.

Acquire More Customers

Deliver a personalized shopping experience with personalized content and product recommendations.

Automate Campaign Management

Keep your audiences live with automated daily audience updates. Automate & optimize your campaigns on Facebook.

Extend your Reach with Facebook Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences let you reach customers you already know with ads on Facebook. We find your existing customers on Facebook by anonymously matching their email addresses or phone numbers to their Facebook profiles and create a custom audience that can be used for multiple campaigns.

Create your Live Segment on Related Marketing Cloud

Transfer list to Facebook via Facebook API and schedule auto-update frequency

Target them with your Facebook ads

People who match your list is your Custom Audience

Match and update list of email adresses with Facebook accounts

Target with Precision via Related Marketing Cloud

Instead of targeting Facebook users based on Facebook profile and interest data alone, Related Marketing Cloud customers can leverage their customer data from all sources to hyper-target their ads and create a highly relevant Facebook Ads strategy through our cross-channel platform.

Grow your Customer Base with Lookalike Audiences

Our API allows a seamless integration of your segments & your subscriber data. Create lookalike audiences of your segments and reach new users who have similar interests / likes as your custom audiences.

Automate your Facebook Advertising

Keep your audiences live with automated daily audience updates and avoid spending on ads for your converted audience.

Unlike Facebook Ad Platform’s manual and static audiences Related Marketing Cloud live segment integrated Facebook Ads Manager excludes subscribers who already purchased the advertised product from your Custom Audience through automated daily updates.

Track your Campaigns in Real-Time

Related Marketing Cloud offers a real-time dashboard for campaigns so you can view their progress and optimize them efficiently. Track campaigns in real-time or over longer periods daily, weekly or monthly and optimize accordingly.

Key Features

Self-Service Platform

Create, manage, automate and optimize your Facebook Advertisement campaigns from one single easy-to-use platform.

Live Segments

Create unlimited Live Segments on the RMC platform with cross-channel filters to create Facebook Custom Audiences you want to reach with targeted messages.


Track website traffic, customer engagement and conversions to measure the performance of your advertisement campaigns.


Use real-time CRM customer data, interactions and integrate analytics solutions to automate and optimize your Facebook Ads.

Automation & Optimization

Keep your audiences live with automated daily updates. Connect your e-commerce & analytics solution to personalize & optimize your Facebook Ad campaigns.

Budget Optimization

Each campaign has its own budget and running time, daily or lifetime. Select your own budget and campaign running time.


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