Marketing Automation Platform Bg
Marketing Automation Platform
Convert customer data into insights, turn insights into omnichannel campaigns
Marketing Automation Platform

Related Marketing Cloud (RMC)

All-in-one marketing automation and Customer Data Platform to attract, convert, grow and retain customers


Connect all your touchpoints to achieve a single view of customer

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Cross-Device Identification
  • 360 Degree Customer View
  • Audience Sync
  • Third Party Uploads

Define distinct segments based on unified data from all possible sources

  • Rule Based Segments
  • Predefined RFM, e-RFM,
  • Lifecycle Segments
  • Scoring Based Persona
  • Google Customer Match
  • Facebook Integration

Use the power of Al to create personalized campaigns

  • Product Recommendations
  • Personalized Banners, Pop-ups
  • Triggered Campaigns
  • AB Testings
  • Dynamic Email

Manage all your channels and campaigns from one platform

  • Customer Journey Manager
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS, Push Sendings
  • Social and Online Adds
  • Web Personalization

Automate Your Campaigns

Complex workflows with multiple scenarios made simple. Just drag and drop to design and automate well-coordinated campaigns across channels in a single place. Read more >

Let us show you how flawless marketing automation can be.
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"We have to service our ever-increasing customers in new and different ways to create meaningful connections. Related Marketing Cloud plays a significant role in this big picture."
Bora Işık
Marketing & Partnership Director at
"E-Commerce is expanding in terms of online traffic and revenue day by day. One of the main reasons behind this expansion is the convenience of customers in price comparison. Related Marketing Cloud exceeds our expectations in reaching the price sensitive customer in the right time with the right content which also increases customer satisfaction."
Cihat Kultur
Director of Online Channels - D&R
"Related Digital offers the easiest-to-use and result-oriented technological solutions compared to other solution providers so we do not get lost among data density, make meaning out of big data to recognize our users and meet their needs immediately. Having a full view of all customer data at a glance instead of having to look multiple places and managing all the marketing activities and scenarios from one platform through seamless integration with our e-commerce infrastructure leads to more efficient marketing management and increased productivity. We are glad to work with this wonderful team at Related Digital. "
Erkal Ceyhan
Brand Manager - Sportsoul
"With Related Digital's multi-channel integrated system that can communicate both in email and push notifications, we had the chance to provide excellent content&campaign management according to customer interests."
Taner Doğuer
Digital Marketing Manager

Equality Women at Work Certified

Equality for Women At Work

At Related Digital family, we are the first technology company to have the “Equity for Women at Work” certificate in Turkey!
We take a stand for the protection of women’s rights and equal opportunity in business life.
We take a stand against all kinds of violations to women in business life.
We lead the way in our field with our mission that provides equal conditions at work without any gender discrimination.
We stand for gender-neutral language and against the male-dominant system and its practices.