E-mail Design Trends

E-mail Design Trends

Digital technology changes at an incredibly fast pace, however, email is still the most important and effective way to reach your audience. Because email marketers deal with the ever evolving marketing landscape through continuously introducing new tactics and best practices to survive and thrive. And, one of the most dynamic areas of email marketing is design, which is one of the main factors for success in email marketing.

Based on our 20 years’ experience, we can definitely say that effective email design has a clear impact on conversion rates. You can achieve much more productive results by incorporating the latest trends in email marketing into your own email marketing program.

Wider Images

Until recently, e-mail designers commonly used full-width images only in the hero banner area. But now, the world’s highest-performing email campaigns are full of bold, full-width hero images in email body.

Research confirms, the use of big and bold images in email body attracts the attention of the readers, and image CTAs (graphically designed images used as CTA links) supported with to the point and straightforward statements increases the clickthrough rates.
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Hover Effects

More and more marketers want their emails to look like websites. You can give your email a modern look and feel that echoes a website with rollover or mouseover images (images of products where an alternative view of a product is displayed when the visitor hovers a cursor over an image).

Hover Effect

Rollover images allow more information to be displayed without cluttering the page.

Product Tips

Retail and e-commerce are the leading sectors that use email marketing very often and receive significant returns. They generally offer products in their e-mail campaigns but could not display their products in detail.

Hover Effect

+ buttons will hover into e-mails enable viewing product details without going to the website, which helps creating a much more interactive e-mail campaign.

E-mail Sliders

Research shows, the opening rate of interactive e-mail designs is 70% higher than non-interactive ones. Moreover, sliders which have become an almost integral part of web designing have been very popular in email design. It is one of the most commonly used methods to shorten long emails and showcase campaigns and products more effectively.

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Netscape released the first browser to support the .GIF format, including animated GIFs in 1995. Using the ever-popular animated GIF is the most recent and easy way to give the illusion of video in email design. You can even promote multiple products, discounts or offers using animated GIF (not just one GIF, but two frames) in email campaigns for increased visibility and interaction.

Metallic Elements

E-mail design not only takes advantage of web site design and technology trends but also gets inspiration from the latest popular styles in the design world. New design trends are making emails exciting. Recently, metallic colors such as gold and silver have been used intensively in the backgrounds and buttons. Brands that follow stylish, impressive and dazzling email design trends have been receiving productive feedbacks using metallic elements.

illustration & photography

Combining photographs with illustrations creates a mixture of fantasy and reality. Photos seamlessly blended into illustrations in brilliant collages gives email design a modern look. We definitely recommend you to mix photos and illustrations in the same email design, which is a great way to take a boring or weak email and turn it into a powerful campaign.


Every once in a while, a certain fashion trend comes back. Today, 2000s color transition trend has made its way to 2019 and become one of the most popular trends in the overall design world as well as email design.

If you intend to create dazzling and trend-catching email campaigns, be sure to use the color transitions, also known as gradients in email design ;)


One of the best ways to make more conversions and sales is to create a sense of urgency in your marketing. You can create a sense of urgency by using countdown timers in your emails. Counter is a tried and tested method of compelling people to act, from clicking a link to making a purchase.

If you use it too often, it may lose impact but using counter at regular intervals will help your e-mail campaigns produce more effective results.

Video E-mail

In the discussions about what will happen in the digital marketing industry in the beginning of 2010s, one overarching trend emerged: video marketing. Email marketing also had its share of the emerging video hegemony era. New technologies makes email marketing more powerful than ever with the video simply playing, right from content of the email. If you want your video to play as soon as your subscriber clicks on the play button, you can embed an HTML5 video email in your email.

Including a video in an email can increase click and conversion rates because of video is engaging and entertaining.

Monochrome And Fragmented Graphic Design

One of the most challenging issues of e-mail marketing is that the designs are usually campaign-oriented and therefore doomed to uniformity. Two types of experimental designs which are the most effective methods to get out of uniformity in this field recently are monochrome and segmented screen designs.

You can exploit the power of contrast in your email design while you make significant contributions to the perception and attractiveness of your brand.

AMP for E-mail

Well, that's enough about how web and design trends impact email for now; let's talk about technology! In 2018, Google announced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for email. With AMP for email, you can interact dynamically with content directly in the message without having to click a link and redirect to another webpage. We recommend you to use this technology to create a highly rich user experience in your email design.

For detailed information about AMP technology:

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