Tekrom Teknoloji was founded in 2003. Since 18 years, it has continue to serve as Turkey’s leading e-commerce provider. The last 6 years, it is among the 50 fastest growing technology company in Turkey. In 2013, our company developed Turkey’s first e-export software and thanks to this development, Turkey’s cross-border e-commerce sales has increased. Our company serves over 5000 customers with over 160 employees and 5 offices located in 2 countries and 3 cities. Over 2000 companies of our customers use T-Soft E-Commerce Software. T-Soft serves more than 300 local popular brands, including 20 global brands. T-Soft has been put into service App Store for the first time in Turkey and now it offers rich solutions with 200 applications. With T-Soft Mobile, an e-commerce software provider began to develop native mobile applications for the first time in Turkey. We develop applications with an average of 4.7 points out of 5 which is one of the highest satisfaction score of application markets.