Hepsiburada.com Success Story

Established in 1998, hepsiburada.com is a multi-category online retailer and the largest Internet business in Turkey, with a selection of more than 600.000 products and 22 million monthly visits.
Working with Related Digital, hepsiburada's marketing evolved from basic to a data-driven, dynamic and responsive dialogue with their customers and prospects.

The Challenge

Gain a more comprehensive 360° view of audience in order to reach the right customer at the right time with personalized offers and content. 

Increase engagement and retention based on better insights in digital behavior and the ability to act in real-time with relevant messages. 

Use behavioral and demographic data to improve remarketing automation across channels with relevant and timely content.

Related Digital Solutions

  • CRM integration
  • Enterprise-Level Analytics
  • Dynamic Templates
  • Marketing Automation
  • Deliverability Optimization
  • Personalized and targeted email
  • Personalized Recommendations Onsite and through Email


  • With the added power of Related Digital Analytics and Personalization, hepsiburada now has an integrated digital marketing platform that can trigger communication across channels based on behavioral data.

  • hepsiburada markets to customers on a personal level, strengthening engagement, loyalty, and revenue.

  • Related Digital integrated solutions has enabled the company to double email revenue and increase open rates by 50%.

Hepsiburada Case Study

Get the Hepsiburada Full Case Study as PDF Document


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