Automate The Way You Engage

Related Marketing Cloud marketing automation technology gives you the power and flexibility to quickly create and launch highly targeted campaigns across all your marketing channels in order to increase customer lifetime value, revenue and retention while saving time and effort.

Contact makes a purchase.

An automatic email is sent two days later.

Customer engages in feedback.

A personalized discount is sent back as a thank you.

Monthly new product emails are sent for that customer.

Automate Your Customer Journeys

Use our drag and drop marketing automation solution to design complex lifecycle campaigns, incorporating touches across channels, online behavior, business rules and much more.

Lifecycle Management

Map your journeys based on your customers unique needs. Easily design complex lifecycle campaigns – incorporating interactions across touch points, custom rules and much more.



Track and associate mobile interactions to your customer profiles. Engage with your customers wherever they are.



Enrich customer profiles with Facebook data. Extend the reach of your campaigns with dynamic, highly targeted Facebook Ads.



Improve performance on all channels with automated SMS follow-up campaigns & personalized offers



Integrate behavioral and customer data from your website to create relevant communications across channels



Ensure maximum email delivery at all scales with high-performance & 7/24 monitored scalable platform

Automated Campaigns

Easily create, manage and optimize all of your campaigns in one place. Create trigger-based campaign automations and segments. Send out automated transactional emails, SMS and push notifications.

Measure and optimize your ROI through greater understanding of your customers’ interactions, needs and tastes.

Personalize the Entire Journey

True 1:1 personalization relies on timing, delivery and contextual relevance. Related Marketing Cloud Personalization allows you to send behaviorally triggered email or mobile messages at the right point of the customer journey. But it takes personalization to a whole new level - the individual customer - by leveraging the power of our Recommendation Engine.

The State of Personalization & Marketing Automation in the Travel Industry

Download our free e-book to learn how marketing automation and cross-channel personalization can help marketers in the travel industry create data-driven customer experiences across lifecycle stages.

Key Features


Campaigns can be easily assembled with the drag and drop tool that links directly to all of your existing marketing content.

Auto-Import Customer Data

We can automatically add new customer data from your CRM, ecommerce solutions, web service, marketing applications and more.

Lead Nurturing

Automate content delivery through various marketing channels to build relationships with your prospects.

Lifecycle Automation

Interact with your customers with automatically triggered messages based on email behavior, on-site actions, geo-location and more.

Campaigns on Auto-Pilot

Have campaigns initiate with dynamic content across channels. Perfect for engagement, retention and re-activation programs.

Smart Message Content

Dynamically show different content in your messages depending on your customer’s demographics, geo-location, interactions, behavior, social data and preferences.


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