Deliver A Unique Web Experience For Every Customer

Put your website at the center of a completely connected customer experience by leveraging Related Marketing Cloud Customer Intelligence capabilities. Integrate real-time customer insights from your website with the other Related Marketing Cloud channels – email, mobile and social – to deliver one seamless and always relevant conversation.

Personalized Product Recommendations

Drive product discovery, cross-sell and upsell by helping customers find exactly what they are looking for in the exact moment and generate interest in additional products while guiding them through the shopping process.

On Site Targeting

In addition to product recommendations, engage your visitors with personalized content, banners, images, offers and more. Deliver dynamically built pages based on your visitor’s behavioral and demographic data.

Deliver Web Behavior-Based Emails, Push or Facebook Ads

Use your customer’s real-time behavior on your site to trigger timely and relevant email messages. Deliver personalized content in emails tailored and targeted to each individual subscriber automatically, in real-time.

Key Features


Real-time behavioral analysis and on-the-fly segmentation.


Behavioral data is converted into actionable insights that answer key questions about your customer base.


Integrate real-time customer insights from your website with all your communication channels.

Effective Retargeting

Re-target existing customers with relevant products based on their online behavior.

Predictive Analytics

Decrease your abandoned basket rates by automatically sending a campaign to bring customers back to your website.

Optimized Results

Analyze and monitor your website’s KPI’s and make necessary adjustments.

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