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Related Digital provides an open & flexible cloud-based platform that offers data management, multi-channel campaign management, personalisation, behavioral targeting, reporting and automation solutions for digital marketing operations at all scales.

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Provide an easy way to synchronise your customer data across multiple platforms.

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Offer our turn-key lifecycle marketing programs to increase conversions and customer lifetime value.

Since 2003, T-Soft, which has been providing e-commerce solutions providing infrastructure, services for medium and large-scale e-commerce projects. In 2016, T-Soft was incorporated in T-Soft Inc. in Silicon Valley, and has begun work to participate in global markets.

The most popular Shopping Mall brands and the leading brands of the sector publish their virtual stores with T-Soft signature.

It develops technology with over 80 staff and over 50 R & D personnel in 2 separate Technoparks and produces solutions for its customers without interrupted.

T-Soft produces integrated solutions from ERP integrations, CRM solutions, Call center automations, to marketplace integrations, and enables distributed services from a single point.

With app market (Appstore) and advanced Rest web services, we have created an ecosystem for integrators and solution developers and it has reached a line that meets high expectations in a wide perspective

Positive, founded in 2005 by two entrepreneurs who are elementary school friends, is a user experience focused technology and innovation solutions company assisting prestigious brands in their digitization process.

Composed of a highly experienced professional team of user experience experts and engineers, Positive has a proven track record of works in these past 13 years with over fifty awards from distinguished institutions & organizations

Approaching all projects with its passion for data and research, Positive team designs interfaces for both online and offline world with a concrete focus on user experience.

Positive, functioning as a solution partner to brands including Şok Market, Koçtaş, Kahvedünyası, Boyner Group, İnci Deri, ToyzzShop, Pronet, Aptamil, not only develops digital products, designs every stage of the digital processes, creates e-commerce & omni-channel platforms, customized mobile & responsive & web applications but also creates solutions for clients’ toughest challenges with its expert consultants

Junivo is a technology company committed to help public facing enterprises to make more informed business decisions and increase sales through the power of big data analytics. Our goal is to help brick-and-mortar retailers to build relationships with their visitors and create the best possible in-store customer experience.

We bring together the online and offline worlds, creating an integrated user experience that enable brick and mortar retailers to engage with mobile customers along their purchase path. We provide online analytics for the offline world that helps marketers measure offline ROI and create smarter promotions.

Our solution, WiFi360, is an advanced In-store Analytics, Social WiFi and Marketing Automation platform. With WiFi360, our clients understand customer traffic patterns and behavior inside and outside their physical stores.

WiFi360 empowers our clients to target their audiences across all digital channels, to create high impact campaigns with measurable ROI. WiFi360 leads to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer satisfaction and improved operational efficiency.

We are headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey.

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