Manage And Grow Your Customer Data

Managing your relationships with your customers is easier with data. Related Marketing Cloud takes the complex task of organizing and enriching marketing data and turns it into valuable, timely insights that help you optimize the ROI of your marketing campaigns.

Get A 360° View For Analytics

Successful digital marketing is powered by customer data. Related Marketing Cloud data warehousing capabilities give marketers the ability to integrate and manage unlimited data from various sources, standardize it and turn it into actionable information for segmentation, personalization and more.

Segment your Customers and Prospects

Segment your audience by their contact data, campaign interactions, activity on your site, interests, social likes, and much more. Use automatically updated segments to send highly targeted, relevant and timely messages across channels.

Create a Unified Profile of Each Customer

Our Customer Interaction Warehouse gives you a complete view of each of your customers / visitors. Increase acquisition, engagement, conversion and loyalty with personalized and timely communications and re-marketing campaigns.

Most Powerful Personalization Engine

Personalize your marketing channels, web site, mobile site, mobile app, and even your offline shopping experience using customer data and omni-channel interaction history.

Flexible, Reliable and Easy Analysis of Big Data

Enterprise-level real-time analytics on everything your customers do across multiple channels including online, offline and mobile. Use Analytics to get deeper insights about the entire customer journey across multiple channels, discover high-value audiences, and power Customer Intelligence for your business.

Integrate with All your Existing Applications and Platforms

Integrate customer data from all of your third party applications into Related Marketing Cloud, and then leverage that data for more targeted marketing campaigns across channels.


Key Features

Flexible Integration

Easily integrate data from multiple disparate locations into a single, centralized platform using our extensive API.

Auto Import Customer Data

We can automatically add new customer data from your CRM, e-Commerce solutions, web service, marketing applications and more.


Our scalable platform and extensive API allow you to integrate, manage and report campaigns at all scales.

Unified Customer Profile

Get a complete view of your customer’s demographics, behaviors and interactions by aggregating user data from various sources into a single platform.

Data-Driven Marketing

From segmentation to multi-channel personalization, you can use your customer data to power your digital marketing.

Security and Reliability

Highly secure and reliable platform available both on the cloud and on premise.

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