There isn’t a shortage of digital channels in marketing today, and when it comes to the selection process,
one size does not fit all. Every channel has a different audience and different communication standards.

RMC steps in at this moment and helps you put your message forward through the right channels while
saving you time and effort.

High Impact Communication

Thanks to RMC, you can target the right audience at the right time with the right message in every
channel you need. These include:



Mobile &
Web Push






Crucial Timing


The fact that people are visiting your website means they are interested in your brand, and that is a crucial time to get in contact with them. Analyze your visitors’ behavior and send your message across for the best impact with features like Web Recommendation, Personalization, and dynamic notifications.

For Versatile Messaging


One of the oldest but the most trusty channels of digital marketing, email is still one of your most powerful tools. Announce your campaigns, inform your customers about their orders, build awareness for your brand, and send monthly newsletters. The best channel for versatility.

All-in-One Marketing

Streamline your website at the center of a completely connected customer experience by leveraging personalized customer intelligence capabilities. Collect customers’ behavior data on the web and integrate with real-time customer insights from your website or other channels to deliver the right message at the right time, immediately, on every channel you need.

Instant & to the Point Messages

Mobile & Web Push

Cut to the point and inform your customers with short and instant messages on both the web and mobile. Sometimes less is more, and RMC’s push notifications are perfect for setting your campaigns into motion.

Grow your business faster with right channels!

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Old But Gold


SMS marketing is not dead. Combined with other marketing endeavors it will boost your conversion rates. Operate your campaigns effortlessly through Related Digital Marketing Automation.

Google, Facebook, Instagram and Criteo

RMC can be integrated with every marketing channel on the market to boost your campaigns. These include social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram or paid media tools like Google and Criteo.

View and set your campaigns, create reports, and analyze the results from one place, save time and effort, and minimize human-made errors.

High- Performance Sales with Personalized Campaigns At Any Time of the Year!

In this ebook, you can find detailed information about:

· The importance of personalization in all of your campaigns

· Creative personalization scenarios and products offered by Related Digital
· Suggestions on how to integrate these scenarios and products in your campaigns

· And so much more…


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