Web Personalization

AI based targeting engine helps you to engage your customers with targeted content in real time and
turn anonymous visitors into loyal & engaged customers on your website or mobile app.

Deliver a Unique Web Experience for Every

Every customer is unique and has different needs, so why wouldn’t they need unique web experiences?
Provide a well-rounded web experience personalized to their needs and interests.

On-Site Targeting

Countdown Timer


Web Push

Dynamic and Data-Backed Marketing with

On-Site Targeting

Engage your customers with personalized content, banners, images, offers, and more. Deliver dynamically built pages based on your customer’s behavioral and demographic data. Convert your anonymous visitors into customers with call-to-action pop-ups and banners in real-time by behavior and location data.

Split Testing

Exit Intent Pop-up

Behavioral Pop-up

Random Banners

Pinning Banner

and more…

You can show your customers a Countdown Timer on your website and in your emails before special days to stay in their minds. A countdown will also create a sense of urgency on the customers’ end. Let them know how long they need until they have to take action.

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web personalization!

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More Engagement and Increased Sales with

Web Recommendation

Drive product discovery, cross-sell and upsell by helping customers find exactly what they are looking for at the exact moment and generate interest in additional products while guiding them through the shopping process.

Alert Your Visitors with Personalized

Web Push

Recommend relevant products to your customers there and then while they are still visiting your website, utilizing the data you collect on their behavior and ensure and increase your sales. Remind them of the products they viewed & liked, alert them about low stocks, and urge them to complete their purchase.

What is Web Personalization?

Web Personalization is the process of creating a customized experience for each person visiting your website.

Why is Web Personalization important?

First, Web Personalization is an essential part of providing a high-quality customer experience. Second, it’s key to delivering personalized content and messages that resonate with every single site visitor. Third, personalization helps visitors feel listened to, respected, and valued. Finally, it is important to anticipate their needs and facilitate their search.

What are the types of Web Personalization?

  • Dynamic content; add web content that changes based on the user’s behavior and preferences
  • Suggestions; Relevant content or product recommendations based on visitor interactions, behavioral trends, and other data
  • Overlays and Pop-Ups; use it to highlight a specific offer, sale or promotion
  • Landing Page; personalize content for each visitor
  • Menu Personalization; rearrange the navigation bar according to the visitor’s preferred categories
  • Search Personalization; Populate search results based on visitor’s real-time behavior

Why do you need Web Personalization?

Web Personalization also allows you to better understand your visitors so you can better funnel them and get the most value out of them. By providing the most relevant content to each visitor, you encourage customers to revisit your website and engage with your business.

What are the advantages of Web Personalization?

  • Increased conversions
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Increased time spent on site
  • Personalized customer experience

Grow Your Business Faster With

Web Personalization

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