Customer Journey Manager

Brands need to create strategies to attract customers and increase conversion rates. Customer Journey Management (CJM) is the process of determining the information your customers will need at every stage to move to the next step. For example, if a customer is researching a brand, the company must know how to persuade the customer to make a purchase. CJM includes steps to turn that person into a loyal customer after the purchase.

CJM is designed to influence customers at every stage of the customer experience, including the purchase process, by determining which types of messages to convey to customers and when.

Be Your Customers’ Companion

Get to know each of your customers better by determining what is important to them. With the help of a CDP, by unifying the data that comes from all channels in RMC, you can identify who your customers are, what they like, their visit and shopping frequency, lifestyle, interests, and problems, and create personalized scenarios for each customer. Moreover, with our E-RFM feature, you can get to know not only your existing customers but also potential ones.

Break It Down

Based on your customers’ preferences, you can reach your target audience through email, SMS, web push, and app push channels. Then, you can observe how the customer reacts to each notification type at each stage and analyze the success rates of your campaigns. Additionally, you can create customer segments from the results of this journey.

Segment Your Customers

You can collect and combine all customer data from different online and offline sources, such as websites, mobile applications, stores, and call centers, to obtain a single customer profile. Based on customer behavior and demographic information from different channels, you can create different customer segments with rule-based or dynamic filters.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

CJM, our strategy management tool that centers around each of your customers’ experiences, is effective in helping your brand understand customer needs and providing better service. As a result, CJM increases customer satisfaction.

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Gain a Competitive Advantage

CJM helps you take your brand ahead of your competitors. With a good CJM strategy, you can make the experience you offer to your customers unique and better than your competitors by having warm communication with your customers.

Strengthen Your Brand Image

With CJM, become a customer-focused brand that values customer experience. Make your customers feel closer to your brand and increase your visit and usage rates through your strong communication with your customers.

Become Indispensable

In addition to the time and budget allocated to the efforts made to acquire new customers, it is also crucial to turn your existing customers into loyal customers. Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) increases customer satisfaction while also increasing your revenue. As the satisfaction level of your existing customers increases, you can also ensure that your brand is spread through word of mouth.

What is Customer Journey Manager?

Customer Journey Manager is the process of finding the best way to interact with customers at every stage of their journey to continue taking a customer through the sales funnel.

What does the Customer Journey Manager do?

Companies need to create strategies to keep customers engaged and coming back. Customer Journey Manager is the process of identifying what information customers need at each stage of their journey to take the next step. Customer Journey Manager includes defining what types of messages are delivered to customers and when to engage them at every stage of the purchasing process.

Why is Customer Journey Manager important?

Users are more immersed than ever before in their product and service experiences, thanks to smartphones and other technologies that provide customers with instant and continuous connections with brands. For this reason, purchasing processes have started to require more awareness.

What are the Customer Journey Manager stages?

Customer journey management includes all aspects of the customer journey, from mapping to optimization. Here are four must-have parts for your customer journey management framework.

  • Mapping
  • Analytical
  • Design
  • Optimization

What are the benefits of using Customer Journey Manager?

  • Increased marketing ROI.
  • More income through customer referrals.
  • More activity in cross-sell and up-sell.

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