Gamification-integrated marketing campaigns have been proven to drive more engagement and more
sales while increasing brand awareness. Raise the excitement levels and fun with a variety of gamification
scenarios offered by Related Digital and enjoy attention-capturing campaigns.

All Work and No Play
Makes Jack a Dull Boy

Light-hearted games on your websites, mobile apps and mobile sites add excitement and joy to the shopping process and drive more revenue than stagnant and dull campaigns. Related Digital brings a fun selection of games to your brand. Here are the most preferred gamification playbooks:

Inspired by Dating Apps


This game is enriched with humorous and practical actions to offer your customers a fun process so that you can creatively present your promotions. Let your customers swipe between your attractive offers and select the ones they want by swiping to right.

Amp up the Nostalgia!

Card Pairing

This simple and familiar game will battle with your customers’ short attention span and guide them to win the promotions you offer. All they have to do is reversing the cards and finding the pairs of same images.
The images and the design of the cards are all customizable for aligning with your brand identity.

Always Warms Everyone’s Hearts


Our romantic and magical Snowfall will appear on your main page and
keep on going for as long as you need. Optionally, you can turn this
playbook into a game where your customers try to catch snowflakes in
order to collect promotions and sales. Our snowfall playbook can be customized to your liking. The snowflake image can be replaced with anything you want.

A Race Against Time!

Gift Raining

The excitement levels rise with our gift-catching game! Let your
customers catch the sliding gifts on the screen – now only is it fun, but it
also creates an urgency to use the promotions they win. This gamified playbook is ideal for high conversation rates and allows customization.

· In addition to increasing user engagement, you can add meaning to this communication.

· Strengthen brand awareness and brand loyalty.

· Collect data to be used in future campaigns.

· Increase conversation rates.

· Make our promotions and sales more interesting to your customers.

Simple Games That Takes Little Time


Sales and promotions are hidden behind the leaves of the clover and your customers can select the one they want. All they have to do is to click on the leaves to view the promotions. You can change the number of leaves – or use another image altogether instead of clovers.

Oldies but Goldies


Another nostalgic and popular gamified playbook, Scratch-It, brings excitement to your customers’ mobile devices. They can “scratch” the screen in order to reveal and collect sales and promotions. No losers in this game! You can offer rewards to everyone.

Very Trendy Lately

Room Escape

Inspired by room escape games, the scenario keeps the users intrigued & your sales improved. Amp up the mystery and bring the excitement of room escape games to your customers. Let them invest time and emotion to win prizes – an almost guaranteed way to ensure their purchase!

Most Popular Nostalgic Game

Wheel of Fortune

One of our most popular games, Wheel of Fortune, turns a well-known, nostalgic and fun game into a marketing playbook with a high engagement and revenue-driving potential. With this game, you can offer your customers promotional gifts or attractive sales. You can opt for <br>a whole or a half wheel depending on the number of your offers, change the color palette and match it to your brand identity.

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· What is gamification in digital marketing? What are the benefits of gamification?

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· What are the gamification playbooks offered by Related Digital?

· How can you customize these playbooks and implement them into efficient digital marketing campaigns?


What is Gamification?

Gamification is a strategy in digital marketing that aims to increase user interaction by incorporating game elements. Offering incentives such as discounts, gifts, and promotions can enhance brand loyalty and strengthen engagement. This approach integrates game dynamics into marketing strategies with the goal of grabbing consumers’ attention, encouraging their participation, and providing an enjoyable experience.

 How Does Gamification Work?

Gamification is a strategy in digital marketing that enhances user interaction by utilizing game elements. It includes incentivizing rewards, game elements, personalization, and social interaction. Brands can use this strategy to increase customer loyalty, motivate users, and establish long-term customer relationships.

Where is Gamification Used?

Gamification can be applied to increase customer loyalty, strengthen social media interaction, add dynamism to educational platforms, support product launches, and enrich interactive content marketing. This method encourages user interaction with the brand through game elements such as rewards, contests, and interactive content, making marketing strategies more effective.

What are the Advantages of Gamification?

– Increased Customer Loyalty: Gamification encourages customers to interact with the brand, thereby increasing loyalty.

– Enhanced Engagement: Game elements boost social media interaction, increasing the chance of engaging potential customers.

– Fun and Motivational Potential: Providing users with enjoyable experiences and motivating them to achieve goals.

– Data Collection and Analytical Opportunities: Tracking user behavior, collecting data, and analyzing it to optimize marketing strategies.

– Raised Product Awareness: Introducing products in a fun way enhances brand awareness, serving as an effective tool for showcasing new products.

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