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Related Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools for email marketing campaigns at all scales. Create, trigger, and automate engaging campaigns using behavior-based emails, automated follow-ups, time-triggered emails, and much more using our reliable, secure and robust platform.

Reach Out to the Correct Audiences at Crucial Times

Segment your audience to send only related content. Utilize time-triggered emails and automated features to ensure you’re not wasting a second for retention and demand generation.

Responsive Content

Email Reco

A/B Testing

Automated Campaigns


Rich, Dynamic, Responsive and Useful Content

Adapt to the new world! Most people now use their smartphones as their primary devices – make sure your emails can easily be read on mobile.

A personalized approach can help you increase your sales with product recommendations and while boosting your brand value.

Increase Sales with

Email Recommendation

Our smart recommendation engines recommend new products, remind incomplete purchases and sends low-stock alerts through.

Complementary Products

Low-Stock Recobox

Replenishment Email

and more…

Find your perfect target audience, spot your
weaknesses as well as your strengths and, do the necessary tweaks with A/B Testing on your email campaigns.

Save Time & Minimize Errors with

Automated Email Campaigns

Save your marketing team’s time and energy with automated email campaigns and minimize any human-made errors.

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Grow your business faster with email marketing!

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Monitor and measure the success of your campaigns in real-time. For every email marketing campaign, we provide a detailed set of reports along with graphs to track who opened it, who shared it and where it was opened.

Global deliverability team of experts helps you track and measure your success for email deliverability and use today’s best practices to make sure every email you send arrives in your customers’ inboxes as expected.

What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is a form of direct digital marketing that uses email to promote your business’s products and services. It has many advantages such as informing your customers about your brand and keeping them informed of the latest updates

What are the advantages of Email Marketing?

  • Creating personalized content.
  • Feedback and survey collection.
  • Improving sales.
  • Communicating with your audience.
  • Generating traffic to your site.
  • Sending campaigns on time.
  • Increasing potential customers.
  • Reaching the right people at the right time.
  • Produce cost-effective campaigns

What are the Email Marketing metrics that you must follow?

  • Click-through Rate
  • Share Rate
  • Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • List Growth Rate

What are the types of email in Email Marketing?

Thanks to Email Marketing automations, you can set up a different e-mail campaign for each stage of the customer journey. There are many different types such as birthday, welcome, thank you, payment confirmation, article/newsletter.

Why should you use Email Marketing automation?

  • It personalizes your customers’ experiences.
  • Improves your customer retention rate
  • It makes your marketing strategy scalable.

The ABC of Digital Marketing: Acquire, Grow and Retain.

· What customer lifecycle marketing means?

· Core elements of customer lifecycle marketing.

· How to create welcome emails that work?

· How to reconnect with a customer who hasn’t checked out?

· How to turn an uncommitted browser into a buyer?

· Why post-purchase emails are important?

· Retention emails that turn buyers into loyal customers?

Grow Your Business Faster With

Email Marketing

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