Mobile Personalization

Related Digital’s comprehensive set of mobile marketing solutions allows you to develop personalized experiences, acquire new users, analyze customer behavior and engage with on-the-go customers through Push, SMS, geo-fencing, and in-app messages.

Integrated Solutions for Mobile Marketing

The directness of mobile marketing means less effort and more conversion for your brand. Reach out to
larger audiences through mobile-optimized campaigns with the help of our solutions.

In-App Messages

Story Manager




Feature Action


Instant Connection with

In-App Messages

Our customizable selection of 10 in-app message templates can be used on all operating systems and are great for instantaneous contact with your users.

In-App Messages

In-App Surveys

NPS with Numbers
Survey with Starts & Second Pop-up

Tell Your Own Story with

Story Manager

Enrich your mobile app or site with social media-like stories with our Story Manager feature and create story campaigns in no time through ready-to-use templates.


Story Banner

Targeted Campaigns with

Mobile Push

Target the right users at the right time and announce your campaigns and news with Mobile Push. It’s customizable and works on all operating systems.

Types of mobile push:

Bulk Push

Rich Push

Provisional Push

Geofencing Push

Transactional Push

Location-Based Push Notification


Increase the impact of the push notifications you send for mobile marketing campaigns by delivering them when your users are at the right location. The marketing automation panel of Related Digital takes location-determining factors like latitude-longitude and radius so that you can stay in contact with your customers when they are in certain locations you have determined beforehand. This feature is also great for analyzing customer behavior to set up the right target audience.

App Tracker* helps you track whether users have apps of different brands on their mobile devices, so you can guide your campaigns as well as get to know your users’ interests more closely.

* This feature works only on devices with the
Android operating system.

Personalized Offers Through

Favorite Feature Action

User behavior analysis at its best! Offer personalized recommendations to your users while developing your data.

Grow your business faster
with mobile personalization!

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Old But Gold


SMS marketing is not dead. Combined with other marketing endeavors it will boost your conversion
rates. Operate your campaigns effortlessly through Related Digital Marketing Automation.

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· What is mobile marketing?
· What are the benefits of mobile marketing?
· Which tools are used in mobile marketing?
· Which operating systems support these tools?
· Mobile Push notifications & how to use them?
· Does mobile marketing allow personalized campaigns?

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing aims to reach mobile users through methods such as mobile optimized ads, push notifications and mobile applications.

Why is mobile marketing important?

The number of mobile users is increasing rapidly day by day. Therefore, ignoring them would be a missed opportunity. Mobile marketing is an essential component of an overall advertising strategy.

What are the types of mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing ad formats vary and appear on a number of different platforms, from social media to mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps, all offering unique mobile ad options. Some of those;

  • App-based marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Location-based marketing
  • Mobile search ads
  • SMS

What are the advantages of mobile marketing?

  • Audiences available anytime, anywhere
  • The size of the mobile user base
  • Personalization
  • Being suitable for location-based campaigns
  • Cheaper than traditional marketing

What is the difference between mobile marketing and traditional marketing?

Traditional marketing is always more expensive and conversion rates are very difficult to track. With mobile marketing, location-based targeting and individual and special campaigns can be applied. However, it is not possible to create such campaigns in traditional marketing.

Grow Your Business Faster With

Mobile Personalization

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