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Mobile Campaigns and Analytics

We offer the most comprehensive set of integrated mobile marketing solutions that span all devices and platforms. Now you can easily develop personalized experiences, acquire users, analyze behavior and engage on-the-go customers in the moment with Push, SMS, geo-fencing and in-app messages.

SMS Messaging

Create rule-based or dynamic-filtered segments based on cross-channel behavior and demographic information for the needs and interests of customers.



Use existing customer data and segments to deliver personalized and valuable SMS conversations.

Automated Follow-Ups

Automated Follow-Ups

Automatically retarget customers with SMS messages who did not open your email campaigns



Measure and analyze SMS performance reports or against all other communication channels.

Tell Your Own Story with

Story Manager

Related Marketing Cloud, thanks to its Story Manager feature, allows you to easily add the stories we see on social media networks to your mobile site or application. You are able to create your story campaigns in a short time through ready-to-use templates.

Mobile Push Notifications

Personalized and targeted push messaging can boost app usage and drive mobile conversions. Take your app strategy to the next level by building targeted mobile push notifications.

  • Enrich Notifications
    Create appealing notifications with images, .gif, video, emojis, and even redirecting to more than one landing pages in a single notification.
  • A/B Test Notifications
    A/B testing helps to try out various versions of notification messages, and then easily apply the one which performs better against your goals.
Location Based

Location Based

Trigger interactions based on your customers’ location at the right time with personalized, contextual mobile experiences.



Save time and resources by automated and real-time push notifications.



Send personalized and targeted push notifications by combining customer profiles and mobile data.

Geofencing – Real Time Location Based Targeting

Send automatically location based mobile push notifications and stay relevant with automatic messages at locations using iBeacons and Geofencing to reach out to customers at the right time and place. Target customers based on their location history.

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In-App Messages

These are pop-up messages that are prepared to appear on the pages designated by you when your users are in the app. Within the Related Digital Marketing Automation Platform, there are 10 different ready-made in-app message templates that you can personalize specific to your brand. These templates can be used in your applications on all operating system devices. Templates can be customized to fit your brand identity as well as different products and categories.

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