Create Engaging Dialogues With Intelligently Personalized Emails

Email remains the best digital marketing channel for ROI. Related Marketing Cloud provides a comprehensive set of tools for your email marketing campaigns at all scales. Create, trigger and automate engaging campaigns using behavior-based emails, automated follow-ups, time-triggered emails, and much more using our reliable, secure and robust platform.

Mobile-Optimized Email Marketing

With the majority of consumers now using a smartphone and over 50% of emails being read on a mobile device, it’s important to have a mobile email strategy that allows you to effectively engage on-the-go customers at the right time with consistent and engaging messages


Responsive Design

Our design team has mastered the art of responsive design, allowing all elements to remain readable and clickable on any screen size.

Mobile Targeting

Segment and target your mobile users based on mobile engagement and location data in real-time to deliver seamless, relevant and personalized messages.

Campaign Management

Test campaigns by device and operating system to ensure optimal performance and track customer by device type and email client.

Create Dynamic Personalized Content

Personalized email marketing is no longer an option but a necessity. Easily personalize the content of the emails for each recipient by retargeting your website visitors with email messages featuring behavior-based product recommendations.

Automate Your Email Campaigns

Capture your customers’ attention throughout their buying journey with timely and relevant email messages. Use Related Marketing Cloud Marketing Automation to automatically trigger emails with relevant content like welcome emails, behavior-based emails or reminder emails.

DAILY EMAILSimilar items to recently viewed products delivered straight to inbox everyday.
CROSS SELL / UPSELL EMAILA collection of items frequently bought together with the latest purchase.
SEARCH PHRASE EMAILConnect search phrase to categories, aggregate top sellers of the relevant categories.
BASKET ABANDONERS EMAILIncrease basket conversions with automated reminders.
CHURNING VISITOR EMAILRe-engage absent visitors.
BACK IN STOCK EMAILNotify when a viewed product is back in stock.
COMMENT EMAIL AFTER PURCHASEIncrease engagement with automated post-purchase scenarios.

Meet the all-new Email Template Wizard

Create stunning mobile-friendly emails that convert. Use our drag&drop email builder to create fully branded email templates in minutes. Be confident that your design looks great on all devices with live mobile previews.

With a range of professionally designed email marketing templates to get your started and our team of expertsto help you along the way – the possibilities are endless.

Track your Success

Monitor and measure the success of your campaigns in real-time. For every email marketing campaign, we provide a detailed set of reports to track who opened it, who shared it and where it was opened.

Key Features

Complete Personalization

Personalize your campaigns with your contact data. Create conditional content within your emails.


Manage all your solutions and channels in sync with your email marketing using a single platform


Continuous monitoring and reporting allows you to know performance of your campaigns in real-time.

Automatic Follow-Ups

Schedule automatic SMS or Facebook follow-ups based on interactions with your email campaigns.

Managed Deliverability

We stay on top of any issues to ensure your emails are delivered. We manage authentication to ISP relations.

Real-Time Spam Prevention

We constantly analyze all our users in real-time based on numerous factors. Our motto remains the same: No Spam.

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