Strategic Approaches For Father’s Day Campaigns

The month of June offers us a wonderful day to spend time with our family and show our appreciation and love to our fathers. Father’s Day is, unfortunately incapable of creating influence in the media and the marketing field in the same way Mother’s Day does. This can be connected to many different reasons, one of them being the fact that there are not enough gifting choices for fathers and there are very few rituals and traditions among families for Father’s Day.

If you want to utilize this usually overlooked day in the best and most efficient way to create campaigns, creative brainstorming alone won’t be enough and you will need strategic digital marketing techniques. As a result, you may bring your brand to a visible spot and leave the competition behind due to this day’s unpopularity and increase sales and brand awareness.

1. Offer Help to Your Customers with Gift Buying

Buying gifts is fun and enjoyable for some people but an equal amount of people find it tiresome and tedious. Typical Father’s Day gifts like fountain pens, fishing equipment, or ties are unfortunately not very well-received and they definitely will find themselves in the dust and unused.

A gift guide that makes your customers’ gift-buying process easier and even more fun is going to be appreciated by everyone. This will also act as a promotion and increase your sales.

You might want to be more creative with your Father’s Day gift guide and add different selections of products. Recommending different gift choices for different personalities is always a good idea. For more serious and traditional fathers suggest a selection of dignified presents. For outdoorsy fathers sports outfits and camping materials. Books for the intellectual ones and maybe more emotional gifts for the young, new fathers.

2. Don’t Be Afraid of Getting Emotional

Usually Father’s Day doesn’t really allow the same type of emotional content Mother’s Day encourages. While this may be the correct approach for the previous generations modern men and fathers don’t receive this in the same way.

Especially on social media you can publish more emotionally-charged and maybe even humorous messages and posts and let your creativity speak. You can also use these posts to direct your followers to your website and increase your traffic.

3. A Little Sense of Urgency Goes A Long Way

Brief sales and promotions, low stock alerts and favorite product messages are great for creating an urgency to encourage your customers to purchase. Since Father’s Day can frequently be forgotten and remembered at the last minute you can turn this situation to your advantage and guide your customers to shop fast.

You can create effective scenarios or playbooks to ensure some level of urgency. Short-lived promotions you can announce through social media or email marketing are an excellent choice. Pop-up messages that can appear on your website and sales codes valid for a short time are also equally effective.

You have to follow a strategic route while deciding on the time for these promotional codes. They shouldn’t be too long to allow your visitors to leave the website without purchasing, and not too short so that they can complete their purchases.

4. Small Reminders For Forgetful People

While brief promotions and urgency-inducing sales are great for individual products, reminders about Father’s Day can also help you ensure successful results. 

The important thing you need to be paying attention to is choosing the right time to send the reminder emails and messages and publish the posts. If you act too hasty and quickly launch your campaigns after Mother’s Day, the interest in your campaigns wouldn’t be too intense. But there isn’t any right time that fits every brand, you should choose the best time according to your products and price range.

The reminders may be sent through emails but also published as social media posts. And they can also appear as pop-up messages on your website.

5. Segment & Personalize

The reason segmentation is a repeated theme on our blog is because it is one of the most efficient marketing strategies while also helping your budget.

It is crucial that you deliver your Father’s Day campaigns to the right people, men between the age of 50 and 70 may not be the best audience who would buy Father’s Day presents. Segmenting your subscribers and followers using the demographic information and reaching out to them with the correct messages is the best route to minimize the amount of emails that find themselves in the spam box.