Digital Marketing Channels to Grow Your Business on a Tight Budget

Digital marketing channels are tools that enable you to establish effective connections with your customers or target audience. By using low-budget yet effective channels, you can expand your reach and reach more people. You can introduce your brand to potential customers and generate sales. With the increasing digitization, there are countless ways for marketers to reach consumers.

Email and SMS are low-budget digital marketing channels you can use to connect with your customers. With proven effectiveness, email and SMS can help you reach both your existing customers and potential ones. So, what are the advantages and effectiveness of these two powerful digital marketing channels?

What is Email Marketing?

Email, a means through which you can quickly inform your customers about your products, services, or campaigns, is one of the most popular marketing campaigns. This marketing channel, which can be as effective as it is popular, is preferred by brands due to its high return on investment. With a well-thought-out and prepared email, you can easily distribute your content or services.

Email, as a digital marketing channel, consists of five key elements:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Segmentation
  • Personalization
  • Subscriber List
  • Analytics

In brief, email campaigns are emails that allow you to promote your products and sales. Segmentation, on the other hand, refers to dividing customers into different segments based on demographics and behavior. In this section, brands send personalized emails to their customers by understanding their interests and needs. Personalization is the most critical element in email marketing, playing a key role. It enables the sending of more engaging emails based on the recipient’s purchase history, name, surname, or clicks, thus meeting consumer expectations.

The subscriber list includes the list of customers who have agreed to receive emails from you. Since these individuals are likely to be interested in your brand and services, you can capture more of their attention with campaigns you create. Finally, analytics show you how successful your emails are. It provides the opportunity to track conversion rates in addition to click and open rates, allowing you to improve your products and services.

Advantages of Email Marketing

Email, increasingly recognized as an essential tool in today’s business landscape, plays a crucial role in many enterprises’ prominence. With email marketing, you can reach your existing customers, connect with new ones, and strengthen your relationships with customers, ultimately driving more traffic to your brand.

You Can Increase Brand Awareness: Building awareness around your name and increasing the visibility of your products and services is crucial. It’s known that 59% of customers prefer to shop from brands they are familiar with. Brand awareness can instill a sense of trust in customers, enabling you to achieve the success you desire with your products and services. Through regular email communication, you can enhance your brand awareness.

Strengthens Your Relationships with Customers: By sending emails tailored to your customers’ interests and preferences, you can create strong customer relationships. Offering a personalized experience can earn customer loyalty.

High Return on Investment: Email marketing, along with boosting brand awareness and strong customer relationships, also increases website traffic. By including a link to your website in your emails, you can encourage customers to visit your site. This digital marketing campaign, known for its high return on investment, allows you to generate revenue for your business. You can also boost sales by adding payment links or compelling calls to action in your emails. You can grow your business without spending a significant amount of money.

SMS in Digital Marketing

Short Message Service (SMS), a text messaging service, enables brands to send promotions, campaigns, or transactional messages to their customers through short text messages. You can deliver your messages to customers who opt to receive messages from you. With carefully prepared content, low-budget SMS marketing can yield significant success. It is noted that 71% of consumers subscribed to businesses to receive messages last year.

With SMS, which can be used by many brands such as e-commerce stores, travel companies, or service businesses requiring appointments, you can provide customers with various information, including updates, cancellations, order details, and promotional campaigns. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot for this.

To effectively utilize SMS marketing, you can obtain a list of customers who have given you permission to message them. This way, you have customers who have granted you permission on your recipient list. Then, using tools that automate SMS sending, you can quickly handle this time-consuming process. You can create the message you want to convey by keeping your texts as concise as possible. In the final step, by segmenting your customers and delivering the right messages at the right time, you can maximize your impact.

The Benefits of SMS Marketing

Like any marketing channel, SMS marketing offers many advantages for businesses. Here are some of its benefits:

Quick: SMS allows you to create short messages within a specific character limit and convey the necessary information to your customers. There is no need to write long texts or add visuals. Therefore, we can say that it is an easy-to-produce and send digital marketing channel. From the perspective of your customers, they can receive and check SMS messages very quickly. According to statistics, approximately 13% of consumers check their text message notifications within 15-30 minutes.

High Response Rates: SMS messages generally have high open rates. More than 30% of consumers check them within 60 seconds after receiving a notification. Therefore, along with high open rates, the likelihood of customers responding is also high. When you send a link to your customers via SMS, considering the higher probability of clicking, you can achieve nearly perfect open rates.

By getting acquainted with Related Digital’s smart solutions, you can provide your customers with engaging experiences in mobile marketing and email marketing. You can reach them through the right channels and enhance the customer experience to the highest level.