What Are Email Marketing Strategies?

The number of people who use an email account increases more and more every day. It is expected that this number is going to be more than 4.2 billion by the end of 2022. That’s why most companies and organizations choose email marketing as their main communication channel to reach out to their target audiences. When companies deliver emails in line with their built strategies to promote their brands it is called email marketing.

Email marketing is a type of marketing tool that provides direct communication with customers and this constitutes of great importance for brands. You have to have some kind of strategy if you want to engage in email marketing. These strategies usually consist of bullet-ins, promotions, and purchase content types of emails. While some emails are more focused on customer engagement and promoting the brand, the other ones encourage the receiver to buy products or services.

For this reason, you need to decide on your strategies depending on your purpose. As an example, you can opt for personalizing your messages. Another option is to segment your subscribers. The important thing to remember is to build your marketing strategy while keeping your audience in mind. If your strategy and the target audience don’t align, your email marketing campaign is bound to fail.

What Are The Examples of Email Marketing?

It’s always a good idea to examine successful email marketing campaigns closely, this will help you build the perfect strategy for your brand. Some of the most famous are examples are these:

  • Airbnb: Airbnb, an accommodation service, has a reputation that is built on trust. This reputation has been created through personalized emails. When the emails are personalized they become more interesting, thus increasing their chance of success. These emails also helped Airbnb to meet the demands of their customers and offer them more beneficial information.
  • Starbucks: Starbucks urges its customers to purchase more with the CTA sentences on their emails by offering them sales and offers. The links on the emails provide an easier purchasing experience to the customers. In addition to these, the capturing images attached to the emails certainly do their jobs.
  • Uber: Uber owes its success to the clear and precise content used in emails. They pass their message across with a direct approach by using short and simple sentences. The design of the emails is well-matched with the brand image.
  • Netflix: There’s always a screenshot of their application on their emails. The content is engageable so that subscribers are encouraged to spend more time on the app.

How to Benefit From Email Marketing?  

Email marketing is one of the most budget-friendly marketing tools for your company. A survey in 2015 has shown that email marketing has the potential to help you achieve 38 times of your marketing budget. In addition to that, email marketing is a great tool for you to communicate with your target audience to increase your sales and promote your brand. That’s why you should always create the content of your emails in line with your strategy.

  • Sales-focused content that explains your product in detail.
  • News, interview or promotion material about your company.
  • Story-telling, especially about your company or products.
  • Through personalized emails, you can nurture relationships with customers built on trust and candor. Try to keep a database of your customers’ birthdays and other demographic info for personalization ideas. Do try to keep your language in check and protect your brand identity.

When you start email marketing, you will immediately see many benefits of it. We can list some of the important as follows:

  • Create a healthy dose of traffic for your website.
  • Contact your target audience at the right time.
  • Gain new customers.
  • Build stronger relationships with retained customers.
  • Increase your sales with CTA sentences and direct links to purchase.
  • View your conversion rates with simple measurements.
  • Collect customer feedback with survey emails.
  • Establish the discontent customers and build new strategies.
  • Achieve all of the above with a small budget.

What to Do While Building Your Email Marketing Strategy?

A lot of companies try their hardest to reach out to their target audience by applying their email marketing strategies. But with the rising competition, it is now more difficult to contact your customers directly without finding yourself in the spam box. If your emails are not interesting enough your destination will be the trash. That’s why you should take extra care about these points while building your strategy.

  • Create an email marketing plan: Establish a purpose for your strategy, the frequency of sending emails, and a target audience. Segment your target audience for personalized emails.
  • Build a mailing list: It is crucial that you create an email list with willing subscribers. Do not send emails to people who have not subscribed to your mailing lists as it will only make your emails drop into the spam folder.
  • You need to be persuading your users to share their email addresses. To do so, you can use registration forms. The customers who want to know more about your company and receive bullet-ins would fill out this form. You can share this form on your social media accounts too. To make the deal sweeter, you can always offer promotions or sales for new subscribers.
  • İçeriklerinizle Dikkat Çekin: İlettiğiniz e-postalarda ilgi çekici ve değerli bilgiler sunmalısınız. Oluşturduğunuz içeriklerde görseller ön planda olabilir. Tasarıma önem vermelisiniz. Ayrıca içeriklerin düzgün görüntülenmesine dikkat etmelisiniz. E-postanız mobil uyumlu olmalı.  Müşterilerinize bu özellikleri taşıyan ve kullanıcı dostu bir e-posta göndermelisiniz. Bu sayede onların bunu paylaşma olasılığı artacaktır.
  • Capture Interest with Your Content: Offer valuable and interesting information with your emails accompanied by glossy images. Take extra care with your design and make sure the images can be viewed with no problems. Your emails must be optimized for mobile devices. 
  • Keep the Subjects Short: Subject lines should be short and precise. Most users click on the emails only if they’re impressed with the subject. Try capturing subject lines with 6 to 10 words most.
  • Use professional automation and database tools to protect the data safe and organized.
  • Measure: Analyze the collected data and shape your next strategy.

What Is Bulk Email Marketing?

The emails sent to your target audience simultaneously are called bulk emails. Sales, updates, bulletins, offers and promotional messages are usually sent in bulk. Companies use bulk emails to save time and energy. To apply this to your strategy the only thing you need is a mailing list and an automation program. You need to be sure the emails you sent are delivered, they can easily find themselves in the spam box.

To summarize, email marketing and bulk email marketing can build a strong relationship between the target audience and your brand. Direct communication with your audience provides many different advantages. Increasing your sales, promoting your products or services and strengthening your brand identity are just some of them. Well-designed, personalized and mobile-optimized emails are bound to bring your brand to its marketing goals. Email marketing has the potential to become the most successful digital marketing tool when used with the correct content, at the right time.