Last-Minute Father’s Day Email Campaign Ideas

Even though, for many retails it is slightly overshadowed by Mother’s Day, Father’s Day spending is one of the highest compared to other major holidays and it’s around the corner. Father’s Day spending is on the rise and it’s important for you, as an email marketer, to take advantage and plan some exciting deals, if that’s the case for you our email campaign guide will serve your purpose.

There are a lot of reasons why email marketing campaigns dovetail with Father’s Day. Let’s take a look at what you are supposed to remind while preparing your email campaigns for this special day:

1. Include “Father’s Day” in Subject Line

Subject line and preheader are one of the most important competences of your email campaign. As we all know, many people forget about Father’s Day or give buying gifts a miss. Referring to Father’s Day in the subject line will help your subscriber to remember the importance of the day and contribute to your Father’s Day campaign. You should pay attention to your subject line and ensure that it is engaging, relevant and eye-catching. Likewise, using an emotional language for the subject line will have a positive impact on your campaign.

2. Pay Attention to Your Content!

Thanks to your subject line, your email is being opened. The content also should be related to Father’s Day and you should create a dynamic content which is relevant and engaged with your subscribers. The gifts you recommend in your campaign should be for the Dads. Your intended audience to buy the gifts should be other members of a family. If you miss that, you campaign is most likely to fail. Therefore, you should build a conversation with your target audience to promote a purchase.

3. Do Not Forget to Mention Discounts or Promotions

You should highlight discounts or Dad-related promotions to get your piece of the pie. Start giving discounts for special gifts for Father’s Day, if applicable to your business. If not, you can get your subscriber’s attention by offering Free Shipping.

4. Segmentation is the Key

Even if the gifts are for Dads, they are not bought by them. Segmentation is the key for success. In terms of a successful Father’s Day campaign, using segmentation can mean you are utilising the previous buying habits of your subscriber. Segmentation and personalisation will help you to create engaging campaigns more than anything else. Who can be your customer for Father’s Day?

Tip: Sometimes it takes time to decide what to gift. Considering this, you may start sending gift ideas before setting a Father’s Day campaign.

Photo of a three generations of men, who enjoy kite running and spending time together outdoors in the nature
5. Know Your Customer

According to research, children are the most likely to buy gifts on Father’s Day, then spouses, grandchildren and less likely the siblings. As mentioned in segmentation, before setting a campaign, you should know your customer and how to reach out to them. Only in this way, your emails will resonate positively.

6. What Do They Buy?

Your customer will either buy a personal special gift (such as a printed photo of himself/herself with the Dad), or a valuable gift that they can pay for. The gifts that are commonly purchased for Dads are not much different than those purchased for men in general. So, what do they buy? The mostly purchased gifts are men’s grooming products and clothing such as shoes, shirts, socks and ties. These followed by technological devices such as phones and computers. Going out for a dinner with the family or a flight ticket for a holiday are also one of the most preferred gifts. Apart from these, a pen or a book is a reason for preference. You can set a campaign with a whole range of gifts, to suit a range of budgets, most importantly, a range of dads.

7. What to Write on Subject Line?

We have mentioned how the subject line is important. The more personalised your subscribers list is, will mean it is even easier to personalise your subject line to the reader who is going to open it. Here are some successful examples:

• Do not forget Father’s Day! Discount for the best gifts!
• New (product)! Buy before it’s sold out!
• Exclusive offer for your father.
• Get Up to 50% Off Father’s Day Gifts
• Show Your Love to Your Father.
• The Father’s Day Exclusive Gift Guide!
• Free Shipping for Father’s Day. Last (x) days!
• (x Product). The Perfect Gift for Father’s Day!
• Daddy Cool – Buy Him (x product) and get (x TL) discount!
• Exclusive for Father’s Day: (x products) and more
• The Best Gift for Father’s Day!

Tip: Timing is another key to success and to gain an advantage in relation to the open rates and click-throughs of your emails. If you are already late to campaign, you can utilise a more effective subject line by writing “Last Days” or “Last Hours”. You can create urgency for the customer and you are able to appeal to those who are in rush and still considering their purchase, which is great timing for offering additional sale options based on the urgent time constraint. People can forget Father’s Day, and according to research, more than 20% of purchases are on the last day or last hours. At least, do not miss a chance to target this 20%.